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Not in EBD Inventory

It has been the policy of EBD over the years to utilize the adoption reports submitted by the schools in Arkansas to determine which items would be placed in our inventory.  As orders were placed items were added to satisfy the needs of the schools.  Years ago, when we initially placed our inventory on our website, we did not foresee that individuals responsible for ordering would interpret the absence of titles online as an indication they could not order those titles from EBD.

Due to the massive number of titles of all the publishers we service, it would not be feasible to display all the available titles.  We urge anyone intent on purchasing ANY instructional material to allow us the opportunity to supply that need.

Our prices are the lowest for new material in Arkansas.  Our shipping charges are substantially lower than any publisher.  We charge 2.99% as opposed to between 10% - 18% by the publishers.  We can do this because we are no more than 200 miles from any school in Arkansas.  Our service to the schools in Arkansas is unmatched.  We shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the schools have the instructional materials they need by dealing directly with the publishers on any need or problem the school might have.

We ask that you, the school, allow us the opportunity to meet ANY instructional need you might have.

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